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she's too young to be that old

So Katie was 8 yesterday. That's a disturbing disturbing development. The young help to remind the older generations just how much older they're getting. I remember the night she was born, I remember her as a bump! 8 years ago... Damn...

She got some proper make-up from her parents, it was both humourous, and horrifying, watching her put it on. Everything else kept her attention for a good 10 seconds or so until she found something else to look at. It's funny though, seeing that child's need to get presents, over;ly-eager to see people.. right up until they've got their present, then the interest is gone. So of course I tortured her a little further by insisting she got changed from her school clothes first. A whole 30 seconds later or so...

She's going to the Natural History Museum on Saturday with Mum and Karen, she did have a friend going as well but for some reason she backed out. This leaves me on my own in the house on Saturday (after returning home from seeing Batman of course), and I need to use that time to tdy up. I was hoping to reach level 50 this weekend, but I really REALLY need to sort out my old bedroom as it's needed for a guest. Sue (from college) is coming down on the 27th til the 29th, and she'll need somewhere to sleep, obviously. Looking forward to the vist, but later that week I've got a career review. Lovely. Then the week after, the Wednesday is a staff away day. Woooooooo. Then the Thursday I go off to the mystery place on an aireoplane! Where am I going? What exotic destination am I fleeing to? That'd be telling.

Which I will do, but not just yet, for some bizzare reason.
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