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get behind me satan

It's a good year for me musically, we've already seen a new Garbage album, a new Queens of the Stone Age album, a new NIN one, and next week is the new Foo Fighters double disc. And this week it's the turn of another of my all time favourites, the White Stripes.
Their self-titled album, and De Stijl are good albums, White Blood Cells is great, and Elephant is just superb, so it's a lot to live up to. I first heard them on a tv show, 'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground' was the track, and I was immediately grabbed by the filthy riffs, excellent guitar music. Then came Seven Nation Army. And I was hooked.
So I've been looking forward to Get Behind Me Satan ever since I heard it was coming out. And now I have it!

And I don't know.

It might just need to grow on me, but I don't think it could grow enough to compare to Elephant. There are no classics, no tracks that just grab you by the curlies and say "you're going to remember me for a long long time". The first track, Blue Orchid.. it made me wonder if I'd accidentally and tragically bought a Scissor Sister's album. It's not til the third one, My Doorbell, that it really starts to sound like the White Stripes. Even then it waits until the fifth track, The Denial Twist (wonder why I like this so much!) that it suggests they're still capable of anything even close to most of Elephant.

Jack White is a superb musician, his skill and unique song writing are part of the reason I like the duo so much. On this album, they use a lot more instruments than just the guitar and drums which have made up most of their previous material (although there is a lot of both still, obviously). Maybe that's what irks me a little, I like that sound, it's pretty unique, so to add to it, it takes some away.

It's a good album sure, but if it is their last as I've heard it rumoured, then they're going out on a quieter note than their previous effort.
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